• CALL 618-233-5009
  • 621 Atlanta Drive , Belleville Illinois 62220

Robert Cardona a former owner of E-Scrap Plus started J&C E-Recycling after E-Scrap Plus liquidated. J&C E-Recycling is in the same location that E-Scrap Plus was located, 621 Atlanta Drive, Belleville, IL 62220 and the phone number is 618-233-5009 or Rob’s cell phone 558-6048. Rob is committed to offering safe and reliable recycling of electronics and non-ferrous metals.

J&C E-Recycling will purchase the following materials from the general public, businesses, schools, hospitals and government:
Computers, servers, cell phones, wire, aluminum, copper, brass, steel, appliances both large and small, electronic motors, batteries, and just about anything else that has an electrical cord.

J&C E-Recycling will pay a fair market price for what is brought in and also offers Certificates of Destruction for those that require them. J&C E-Recycling will also pickup large quantities of materials for the consumers’ convenience. J&C E-Recycling offers a school recycling program, where we pick-up large amounts of computers, bring the items to the shop, weigh the material and then pay the school for the material. This allows the schools to use the money as they see fit, including scholarships for students and purchasing new materials and supplies.

J&C E-Recycling is committed in giving back to the community. J&C E-Recycling partners with organizations to hold electronic recycling fundraiser drives. These drives serve a dual purpose, it allows for groups and organizations to earn money and helps keep the environment clean through recycling. The organizations advertise the drives, and J&C E-Recycling collects the items being recycled, pays the organization for what is collected and also gives the organization $100.00 in support of their goal. J&C E-Recycling has done drives for Kiwanis Club, Cahokia Chamber of Commerce, Republic Waste, and Anderson Hospital to name a few.

J&C E-Recycling looks forward to both a continuing relationship with current consumers and growing a relationship with more businesses, organizations, and individuals to help serve the community with all their recycling needs.